Montessori teachers strive to develop a lifelong love for the written word.  We teach the functions of grammar and sentence structure at a young age as it leads them to master these vital skills and become more proficient and natural in their writing.

Kindergartners focus on simple sentences, incorporating capitals and periods.  We make use of a four-square graphic organizer to sequence their thoughts, ideas and stories.  Students will learn to expand and enhance their writing with appropriate adjectives and adverbs.  They will transfer their rough drafts to lined paper with proper punctuation.

First Graders take it a few steps further and learn to organize increasingly complex ideas and information into well-written stories, letters and poems.  We write for many purposes and students practice to compile recipes, lists, invitations etc.

We find ways to introduce figurative language as words create images, for instance, there is a difference between shine and sparkle.  The emphasis is on how to be more specific in their writing to “show” the reader what is happening, rather than telling their story.